Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh, I'm Back

(Although back from a location I'd rather not disclose, given the severity of our current situation)

It's a weird time to get married. You find the woman of your dreams -- as in The Bible -- and you get married, and even if it rains (which it did, a lot) and some of the guests get drunk (ditto) and you get ketchup in/on your suit (which happened, but is still better than the time I got it in my fake mustache), and it's all like a storybook. But the world just keeps on keeping on. And "Obama""Care" just keeps on rolling, despite the best efforts of Citizen-Patriots across the Globe/US to do their best to make clear what's really going on.

Yes, there are times where I'm wondering if the whole world/country is going crazy with this. First, famous Iraq Victory Campaign General Tommy Frank (hero) writes this surprisingly Liberal thing for the Wall Street Journal. And then President B. Hussein Osama (The Joker) goes on TV and basically just makes a bunch of stuff up about health "care" and takes basically no questions from anyone in the whole meeting. (I guess it would be like talking to a patriotic kitchen table!) And now everyone's saying that "Obama"Care is maybe going to actually happen and I'm trying to find ways to hide my grandparents or at least find some way to make sure they don't get called before a panel of Phil Donahue, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Larry David's Wife and Ed Begley Jr. to see whether or not they "deserve to live."

But it's late, and I'm just back from my wedding and it's really hard to think about all of this! The last week-plus was just relaxing and negligees and only reading once a day. So it's tough to get back in the swing of things! But I'm back, and ready to start swinging (not like that, I'm married! And also it's against the Bible!) (Sorry ladies!) (:P) (Face with tongue). But maybe later. I need to get my rest, before ObamaCare begins rationing sleep so that illegal immigrants can get their "fair share" (nine hours nightly, per page 70 of ObamaCare Bill). There's a lot to talk about, though, and I'm glad to be back. Keep chanting, American Citizen-Patriots!