Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh, I'm Back

(Although back from a location I'd rather not disclose, given the severity of our current situation)

It's a weird time to get married. You find the woman of your dreams -- as in The Bible -- and you get married, and even if it rains (which it did, a lot) and some of the guests get drunk (ditto) and you get ketchup in/on your suit (which happened, but is still better than the time I got it in my fake mustache), and it's all like a storybook. But the world just keeps on keeping on. And "Obama""Care" just keeps on rolling, despite the best efforts of Citizen-Patriots across the Globe/US to do their best to make clear what's really going on.

Yes, there are times where I'm wondering if the whole world/country is going crazy with this. First, famous Iraq Victory Campaign General Tommy Frank (hero) writes this surprisingly Liberal thing for the Wall Street Journal. And then President B. Hussein Osama (The Joker) goes on TV and basically just makes a bunch of stuff up about health "care" and takes basically no questions from anyone in the whole meeting. (I guess it would be like talking to a patriotic kitchen table!) And now everyone's saying that "Obama"Care is maybe going to actually happen and I'm trying to find ways to hide my grandparents or at least find some way to make sure they don't get called before a panel of Phil Donahue, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Larry David's Wife and Ed Begley Jr. to see whether or not they "deserve to live."

But it's late, and I'm just back from my wedding and it's really hard to think about all of this! The last week-plus was just relaxing and negligees and only reading once a day. So it's tough to get back in the swing of things! But I'm back, and ready to start swinging (not like that, I'm married! And also it's against the Bible!) (Sorry ladies!) (:P) (Face with tongue). But maybe later. I need to get my rest, before ObamaCare begins rationing sleep so that illegal immigrants can get their "fair share" (nine hours nightly, per page 70 of ObamaCare Bill). There's a lot to talk about, though, and I'm glad to be back. Keep chanting, American Citizen-Patriots!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Moral Equivalent of OMFG

Is it true that Obama is turning AmeriCorps against Glenn Beck and weird white guys with half-goatees? Look, we don't know if it's true. But this whole thing might be bigger than health care. I'm not saying it's true -- no one's talking about whether or not it's true. But if it's true -- if, if it's true -- it's scary stuff. Is this what Hitler did with the SS? Look, it's not comparing Obama to Hitler, but if it's the same thing, it's scary stuff. Is it what Obama did with the Fedayeen Saddam? I mean, look, Obama isn't Saddam -- because maybe expanding Health Care (or not, I mean, see this whole blog) isn't the same thing necessarily as running an authoritarian state in which people were killed for essentially no reason, and often -- but this isn't dissimilar.

Am I saying that Glenn Beck and a couple of guys who seem kind of embarrassed about what they're almost saying are telling you The Truth about the bigger issues at work here? I am consciously trying to avoid saying anything. But I'm just saying, Saddam was "elected," too.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Don't worry, I actually know the answer to that question! It's a rhetorical question, actually -- the answer is "I can't tell you because of DNC thuggery and the potential for immediate government reprisal because of me speaking my mind and telling The Truth about this Obama"Care" experiment." As usual. And more to the point, I also really do know where I am now -- last week's acetaminophen OD thing is apparently pretty much done, at least as far as I can tell from reading up on it on WebMD. Give or take some pore disaperture, follicular carnage and possible-to-likely mild kidney fenestration, I'm apparently more or less "out of the woods." I'll keep you posted, of course -- through my "posts!"

But I am once again away from home. I will say, because I know you might want to know but also know that The Bad Guys want to know, that I am in a Northern state. And that there's a parking lot nearby and what sounds like a tavern or bar-and-grill. More than that I can't and won't divulge, but I'm here. I will be in sporadic touch over the next few days, Citizen-Patriots, and I apologize for that. Things are really happening fast in my life. One day you're improvising a panic room and painting yourself to look like the wallpaper in that panic room and the next day you're getting married. In this case I mean I'm getting married! And while no groom plans to OD on acetaminophen a week before his wedding day and then show up in wedding photographs with visible evidence of follicular avidity (it's a serious condition, look it up) and carpal vealing, these are strange times.

I know there's not a lot of news in here -- like I said, these are busy times for me. But I did have the time to read up on the death of Senator Edward Ted Kennedy. Apparently ObamaCare is now going to be known as The Ted Kennedy ObamaCare National Health Socialization and Death Panel Entrenchment Decree or something. Which, you know, I guess I'm sorry Kennedy died, but really! And anyway, some comments I made about how Ted Kennedy murdered a lady and was also a limousine liberal jerk got taken out of the Wall Street Journal's comments section, too.

Luckily, some Citizen-Commenter Patriots are still bringing the truth to light. Check out Jack Johnson -- not the pop singer! -- with this piquant comment. I know everyone says it's not fair to use comments as a way to prove points because commenters are weirdos, but first of all look at that picture on the Jack Johnson thing and tell me you're not seeing a Patriot. And also it inspired me to use a Google Search and find out more about Senator Kennedy's oil holdings! According to some guy at Free Republic, the Kennedy family owns Kenoil, which is disguised on the Internet as a Singapore-incorporated energy company. Here's their management page -- notice who's missing!? Why isn't the MSM covering this story instead of harping on whatever the CIA investigation thing is supposed to be about?

Anyway, we know why. But here's my point: I know he's dead, but how is Ted Kennedy different than any other liberal? He says he supports health care, but really his family might conceivably be involved in the oil business! He says he cares about people and wants to improve their lives, but he works for the government! Doy-oy-oy-oy sound effect goes here! This is why liberals never win arguments -- they're unable to argue from facts.

Anyway, wish me luck getting married! Butterflies! "Love is forever" -- President Ronald Reagan. Be safe out there!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

You Be The Judge!

And don't be afraid to be an activist judge, either. This one's just for fun. Here are two videos on The Big Subject. One by President "Obama" and the other from Republican Rep. Tom Price of Georgia. I originally was going to say that you should cover your eyes and just listen and see which one seems more presidential to you, but even with my obvious biases -- for Freedom, against Nationalized Socialist JokerCare -- it's pretty easy to tell. Even if you're not watching, one guy sounds like President Obama and the other guy sounds like The Teacher from South Park. I tried it in the dark, with a blindfold on, same thing. Also maybe as a reaction to what turned out to be (thankfully a pretty mild) acetaminophen overdose, my vision keeps kind of like blinking in and out, so I was able to see how that worked. (You can still tell who's who)

I also tried listening to them at the same time, but that just sounded weird -- it was like Obama and The Teacher from South Park were arguing on the bus or something -- and my Internet kept crashing. So my advice is to watch one video and then watch the other video. And then you can be The Judge!

Here is the first one. It's "President" Obama talking about "misinformation" about his health "care" plan:

And here's the Congressman from Georgia shooting down all of Obama's "you can keep your health care" and "there are no such thing as death panels what is the MATTER with you people" stuff.

So, you be the judge! Here is how I am the judge:

I am trying to be clear about my biases, always -- for Freedom and Truth and Getting To Keep Your Doctor and Not Having Illegals Do My Dental Work and Chanting In Elected Representatives Faces and Not Incentivizing Elder Deaths In The Name Of Government Profit. And I guess you know by now where I stand on all those things! I am strongly for all of them! (Note: on some of those I wrote that I am "not" for something, and what you should take that to mean is that I am strongly for not doing that thing, not strongly for doing the thing that I name) (Elder Death is an issue near and dear to me, since I have known many elderlies who, for one reason or another, later went on to die) What a complicated paragraph! Anyway:

I hope I won't get killed by the readers for this -- because then I'd have to be buried in a government-run potter's field for people on the enemies list that will take up the entire state of New Oklahoma (it's all on page 46 of ObamaCare!) -- but I think the President has a nice voice. I just wish he was using it for announcing things on the radio instead of telling Not-Truths and LIES about his own program! Has he even read the bill, I wondered to myself while listening to him speak. He says there are no death panels -- well, pages 51-57 is basically one long description of how the actual Death Panel Chamber is to be set up (rectangular room, rectangular table, preferably central air), what is to be served at Death Panel meetings (light snacks, Pepsi One, "crudites"), and the criterions used in Death Panel decisions (age of applicant, state of residence, any allergies, hair color)! And he says that you'll be able to keep your doctor and health insurance plan, which first of all is only partially true -- check page 66 if you want to learn about "Doctor Change Februaries" and "Mandatory Immigrant Nurse Checkup Tuesdays" which are exactly what they sound like.

But really we should go to Dr. Price about this -- it turns out he's not just a doctor of telling The Truth, he's also a doctor of orthopaedia! And he effortlessly shoots down "President" "Obama's" "Arguments." Obama says you'll keep your health care plan -- Price says maybe that's not true, if your plan doesn't meet Government Standards in five years. (Boom!) Obama says you and your doctor will make health care decisions -- Price says no, because government. (Sock!) And he says millions of Americans will be shuffled off their current plans -- possibly at bayonet-point -- and onto the government plan! And then he nails it when he points out that the Government -- which says it likes Insurance, actually wants to get rid of insurance: "The president (sic) says he thinks the government should compete with your current health plan. But we all know that when the government is setting the rules and it's backed by tax doctors, it will destroy, not compete with the private sector." I got that far in the video before tearing up, which I'm kind of proud of. Here's why I got so emotional:

Well, two reasons. The first is that my tear ducts are just kind of doing whatever since I got my stomach pumped and that apparently my nervous system kind of has a mind of its own since it's basically still swimming in Tylenol PM. The other one is that I have seen such an amazing outpouring of love from our Private Citizens and Citizen-Patriots for the Private Sector that it's just amazing to me -- we are the Private Sector, after all, and the more Government attempts to get in there and make all that Private stuff Public, the more we need to stand up and fight! Or not "fight," that sort of talk could get me in trouble (and per page 70, might even land me in a Re-Education Camp in the newly formed "state" of East Dakota). But surely yell, at the very least, and use Adobe PhotoShop. And with that in mind, and knowing that a picture is worth a 1,000 words (or, per ObamaCare, page 65, an inflation-adjusted pro-rated number of words that, once immigrant and welfare words have been disbursed, will likely be more like maybe 940), I leave you with this:

Kind of says it all, doesn't it! Now stop forwarding it to me, everyone! (Just kidding thanks for all your emails and prayers. Most of the WebMD commenters I've talked to think that at least three of my five senses will return to normal once I finish purging the acetaminophen) (which reminds me: time for another charcoal shake!)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lessons in Home Health Care

Okay, so I just woke up and feel kind of weird. And looking back, I wrote some pretty weird stuff last night, but I'll leave it up there because of trust and credibility. I guess the big "lesson learned" here is that taking more of a medicine does not make it "prescription strength." It just makes you sleep for 17 hours and wake up really, really thirsty. And then I guess get the shakes, unless something else is causing that.

Anyway, right. I'm still working my way through Chuck "Walker the Texas Ranger" Morris' second Townhall essay. This one is dissection of the real villain behind the Obama plan. It's every bit as well-researched and written as the first one, but when the Truth is coming this hard and fast, sometimes you just need to take a breather! Especially if you're still seeing double or triple and sometimes your heart goes for like three or four seconds without beating. I mean my heart, in this case.

Dextromothorphan, I guess, is what it's called. I looked it up. I think I did, at least. I've been remembering a lot of things that it seems like maybe didn't actually happen at all, since I woke up. Like I thought I'd ordered a bunch of osso bucco pizzas from Papa John's a few hours ago and was really excited about it, but it turns out that that isn't even a type of pizza that they make. And also that there isn't a Papa John's in my town. So it's like... hello!

So the point is that I don't know if I can really do much on the Morris essay tonight because I might be dying. But if I should die before I wake -- or if I ever fall asleep, since I took a bunch of the nondrowsy pills and am now sweating like a Liberal at a Firearms Show (Bill Engvall? I don't know, I think I heard him make that joke) and typing standing up -- I want this to be the last thing you read on this blog:

Chuck Morris thinks that Rahm Emanuel's brother is the guy behind health care and that "President" "Obama" is basically a patsy and that Ezekiel Emmanuel's book on health care is the blueprint for the secret socialist takeover. And also that "some say" a bunch of scary things about Emmanuel's policy's and whatnot. What it keeps coming back to for me is how good Morris is at writing. As good as he is at kicking things and Bowflex Home Gym? You be the judge!

Seventh, Emanuel believes a universal health care program could be paid for by phasing out Medicare and Medicaid, adopting a value-added tax of at least 10 percent, etc., and then allowing Americans themselves to "pay extra with after-tax dollars" (Page 100) for additional medical benefits (beyond the government program). The truth is that whether the money comes from higher corporate taxes, taxing employer-provided health insurance, eliminating health savings accounts or flexible spending accounts, limiting the deductibility of medical expenses, increasing taxes on selective consumptives or the middle class, etc., or all the above, trust me; sooner or later, we all will pay.

And that's what's at stake -- we will have to pay for healthcare under the Joker-Socialist Obama"Care" Program. Morris really kicked and punched and flipped his way through the spin and got to what matters. And as a fellow citizen-patriot-journalist, I can't help but admire the writing style. Don't worry, the previous six points and the one that follows are all equally gripping!

Okay now I'm getting worried about stuff because I definitely did not decide to be running in place, but here I am, doing it. I'll sign off for now.

Not My Healthiest at the Moment...

...and it costs so much to go see a doctor that I think I'm just going to ride this one out. Fluids and rest and whatever's in these Tylenol PMs. Acetaminophen and whatever the thing is that's making me feel all warm and tired. I was going to do a post on the new Chuck Morris essay at, but I'm not really feeling like it right now. And not just because the Townhall site looks kind of like a porn website because of all those Michelle Malkin pop-ups.

Honestly, right now, it just doesn't seem that vital. The whole, like, I don't know... I kind of lost the train of thought. This is an effective medication, though. I was all drip-nosed and anxious and coughing a lot 30 minutes ago but now it's like the universe is giving me a hug. I'm in a medicinal womb. So honestly Chuck Morris is going to have to wait. I want to feel like this forever.

Is this real life?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You Know, Representative Barney Frank...

... you'll catch more flies with honey:


What I could understand from that was very rude. First of all, Representative Frank, you shouldn't talk with your mouth full. (It seems very unprofessional and disrespectful and elitist that a public figure would be eating a peanut butter sandwich at a town hall -- I assume that's what was going on with his voice) Secondly, while I agree that the young lady's picture of "President" Obama made up to look like Hitler is not a good thing -- really, from a policy standpoint and as regards his socialism, Obama is much more like The Joker -- that young lady is still a voter. And as a voter, she's entitled to ask her reasonable question. Did you hear Representative Frank answer that question, tell her why he "supports this Nazi policy... to deny health care"? I sure didn't!

I'm not being sarcastic there, either. He might've actually answered the question, I seriously only got like 40% of what he said. But I don't get the sense that young lady will be voting for him next election! Remember, "We Surround Them" -- Glenn Beck.