Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You Know, Representative Barney Frank...

... you'll catch more flies with honey:


What I could understand from that was very rude. First of all, Representative Frank, you shouldn't talk with your mouth full. (It seems very unprofessional and disrespectful and elitist that a public figure would be eating a peanut butter sandwich at a town hall -- I assume that's what was going on with his voice) Secondly, while I agree that the young lady's picture of "President" Obama made up to look like Hitler is not a good thing -- really, from a policy standpoint and as regards his socialism, Obama is much more like The Joker -- that young lady is still a voter. And as a voter, she's entitled to ask her reasonable question. Did you hear Representative Frank answer that question, tell her why he "supports this Nazi policy... to deny health care"? I sure didn't!

I'm not being sarcastic there, either. He might've actually answered the question, I seriously only got like 40% of what he said. But I don't get the sense that young lady will be voting for him next election! Remember, "We Surround Them" -- Glenn Beck.

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