Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quiet In Here!

Hey, Citizen-Patriots! Sorry about not having posted anything yet today. I'm still working my way through the Obamacare Health "Care" Bill, but it's been harder to read today since I'm not in a very well-lit space and my internet access is spotty (at best!). I'll be emerging soon, but I thought I should be precautious given the situation at hand.

Maybe you haven't heard about Mike Sola, who is this man in Michigan with a celebral palsied child. And Sola confronted Rep. John Dingell with what seemed to me like a pretty important question -- "I think it's just terrible that you are trying to make my kid starve to death just so Illegals will be able to get Botox injections for free in gay-owned hospitals. I know that's in the Koran, but it's sure not in the American constitution! Answer the question!" -- and then had to deal with some pretty scary stuff. Check it out:

So basically it's good that he got to address Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Whatever His Name Is about how their thug (it seems like it was just one thug) came in the middle of the night to call his poor cerebrally palsied young son an un-American, but at the same time it got me thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to thug-proof my home. Because while I am far from Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Whatever His Name Is's districts, the last few months have been nothing if not provative that the reach of thug-based Democrat operatives is more or less global. So I was working on a panic room of sorts, is basically what I'm saying (although I don't want to go into more details than that right now) when there was a knock at the door. This was earlier today. And I don't know if it was a thug or not, because I wasn't about to go to the door to find out, but I've been in the panic room for awhile since. And while I can hear the TV from in there the internet access is kind of off-and-on like I said, and I put on some greasepaint for camo purposes (not outside camo but panic-room camo so without giving away too much I looked kind of like wallpaper) and it turns out the greasepaint isn't exactly good for the computer! (Let alone if it gets into your eyes!) Anyway, I figured it's probably safe now -- or as safe as it will ever be -- so I'm going to go out and take a shower and then get back to working in a room where there's natural light. Hopefully that doesn't do too much to give away my location, but yes I have a window.

More soon! But a big Citizen Patriot Salute to Mike Sola, for standing up to everyone who comes on his property. The right to use lethal force -- unlike automobile bailouts and free radiation oncology for minorities but no one else (reparations) -- is actually in the constitution! Are you listening Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Whatever His Name Is?

They probably are. Thus the panic room, see above. My keyboard is a mess, by the way.


  1. You mean those unpatriotic tax-n-spend libs are calling that patriot's patriotic cerebral palsied-child a... a... differently-abled thug? this, before they put everybody down in the obamacare camps with jackbooted ATF/Taliban terrorists? I challenge them to come on to my property. THIS IS NOT HYPERBOLIC BABBLE!

  2. First of all, all my empathies are really going out to Mr. Sola. Second, thank goodness he has the Romulan police dept. (total gentlemen) and presumably their cloaking technologies to defend him from the United Federation of Planets health care thugs. Obama out of the Neutral Zone!