Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Moral Equivalent of OMFG

Is it true that Obama is turning AmeriCorps against Glenn Beck and weird white guys with half-goatees? Look, we don't know if it's true. But this whole thing might be bigger than health care. I'm not saying it's true -- no one's talking about whether or not it's true. But if it's true -- if, if it's true -- it's scary stuff. Is this what Hitler did with the SS? Look, it's not comparing Obama to Hitler, but if it's the same thing, it's scary stuff. Is it what Obama did with the Fedayeen Saddam? I mean, look, Obama isn't Saddam -- because maybe expanding Health Care (or not, I mean, see this whole blog) isn't the same thing necessarily as running an authoritarian state in which people were killed for essentially no reason, and often -- but this isn't dissimilar.

Am I saying that Glenn Beck and a couple of guys who seem kind of embarrassed about what they're almost saying are telling you The Truth about the bigger issues at work here? I am consciously trying to avoid saying anything. But I'm just saying, Saddam was "elected," too.

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  1. It's a sensorship plan and simple. Obama and his thuds lied about 1)the SS Hitler, which I gather is some kind of boat 2) commonists working from within the Obamacares Foundation 3) the Glenn Beck, the only one patriarchal enough to call Obama out on lying upon him 4)

    In conclusion I will quote "reiterize" the words of cougareous Jim Wilson, S-RC, "You like!"