Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lessons in Home Health Care

Okay, so I just woke up and feel kind of weird. And looking back, I wrote some pretty weird stuff last night, but I'll leave it up there because of trust and credibility. I guess the big "lesson learned" here is that taking more of a medicine does not make it "prescription strength." It just makes you sleep for 17 hours and wake up really, really thirsty. And then I guess get the shakes, unless something else is causing that.

Anyway, right. I'm still working my way through Chuck "Walker the Texas Ranger" Morris' second Townhall essay. This one is dissection of the real villain behind the Obama plan. It's every bit as well-researched and written as the first one, but when the Truth is coming this hard and fast, sometimes you just need to take a breather! Especially if you're still seeing double or triple and sometimes your heart goes for like three or four seconds without beating. I mean my heart, in this case.

Dextromothorphan, I guess, is what it's called. I looked it up. I think I did, at least. I've been remembering a lot of things that it seems like maybe didn't actually happen at all, since I woke up. Like I thought I'd ordered a bunch of osso bucco pizzas from Papa John's a few hours ago and was really excited about it, but it turns out that that isn't even a type of pizza that they make. And also that there isn't a Papa John's in my town. So it's like... hello!

So the point is that I don't know if I can really do much on the Morris essay tonight because I might be dying. But if I should die before I wake -- or if I ever fall asleep, since I took a bunch of the nondrowsy pills and am now sweating like a Liberal at a Firearms Show (Bill Engvall? I don't know, I think I heard him make that joke) and typing standing up -- I want this to be the last thing you read on this blog:

Chuck Morris thinks that Rahm Emanuel's brother is the guy behind health care and that "President" "Obama" is basically a patsy and that Ezekiel Emmanuel's book on health care is the blueprint for the secret socialist takeover. And also that "some say" a bunch of scary things about Emmanuel's policy's and whatnot. What it keeps coming back to for me is how good Morris is at writing. As good as he is at kicking things and Bowflex Home Gym? You be the judge!

Seventh, Emanuel believes a universal health care program could be paid for by phasing out Medicare and Medicaid, adopting a value-added tax of at least 10 percent, etc., and then allowing Americans themselves to "pay extra with after-tax dollars" (Page 100) for additional medical benefits (beyond the government program). The truth is that whether the money comes from higher corporate taxes, taxing employer-provided health insurance, eliminating health savings accounts or flexible spending accounts, limiting the deductibility of medical expenses, increasing taxes on selective consumptives or the middle class, etc., or all the above, trust me; sooner or later, we all will pay.

And that's what's at stake -- we will have to pay for healthcare under the Joker-Socialist Obama"Care" Program. Morris really kicked and punched and flipped his way through the spin and got to what matters. And as a fellow citizen-patriot-journalist, I can't help but admire the writing style. Don't worry, the previous six points and the one that follows are all equally gripping!

Okay now I'm getting worried about stuff because I definitely did not decide to be running in place, but here I am, doing it. I'll sign off for now.

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