Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Am I Supposed To Read This Bill...

...when there's all this great other writing!? I don't know. That's the hardest part about this whole thing. That and keeping down my lunch when I actually sit down to read Obamacare! For instance, here are three outrageous things I found on Page 15 alone:

- Only certain types of ham can be obtained without government permit/FBI permission.

- Because of Radical Feminism, both men AND women are required to take prenatal vitamins during pregnancy, despite the fact that this can cause serious health issues (testicular migration, etc) for The Man.

- People with Type 2 or 3 Diabetes lose the right to vote.

That's just one page! So it's kind of easy to tear myself away because I keep barfing and crying while reading it. Barfing and crying at what our democracy has become. I know that Thomas Jefferson or Ronald Reagan would also barf and cry if either of them could read it. Although both those Founding Fathers of Freedom are dead (of course, that wouldn't happen under a Socialism-Style Health Dictatorship!) so it's moot.

So who can save us from this? Maybe we can save ourselves! More Americans than ever are following Mike Gola's lead and saying "we know you're going to probably kill us and starve our disableds and possibly feed on our tender elderlies, but Hear Our Voices!" And that's inspiring because we shouldn't go quietly. It's not just Heroes like Mike and the guy with the handgun standing outside Obama's rally in New Hampshire and the Artist who first made the Obama-is-the-joker jpeg. It's also Every Day Heroes like Internet Commenters. Every little bit counts.

Here's an example -- the Wall Street Journal ran an article about how France's French-style France Health Care System is losing money. It has been losing money since 1989! The MSM writer "writes" that the United States spends 16% of its GDP on health care and France spends 11% and France routinely outranks America in life expectancy and infant mortality and other things. (And Britain spends 8.4% and also outranks us in those categories, although its Death Panel System is much stricter than France's and even recently killed actor Richard Harris because of the version of MacArthur Park he did in the '70s). But the everyday Heroes in the comments said "not so fast" to those Facts. Check out Hero Commenter Kirk Linn, who outed Obama"Care" defenders with Third World Names as ACORN community organizers! Another Un-American nailed by the Citizen Patriots!

So what I'm saying is "be not afraid" -- The Bible. We surround them! -- Glen Beck.

There are so many more quotes I want to share, and I haven't even gotten to the awesome op-ed I read by Movie Actor Chuck Morris, which is a big "karate chop" to the Obamacare guys. It packs "a punch!" More later!

My advice is to always keep chanting!

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