Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Don't worry, I actually know the answer to that question! It's a rhetorical question, actually -- the answer is "I can't tell you because of DNC thuggery and the potential for immediate government reprisal because of me speaking my mind and telling The Truth about this Obama"Care" experiment." As usual. And more to the point, I also really do know where I am now -- last week's acetaminophen OD thing is apparently pretty much done, at least as far as I can tell from reading up on it on WebMD. Give or take some pore disaperture, follicular carnage and possible-to-likely mild kidney fenestration, I'm apparently more or less "out of the woods." I'll keep you posted, of course -- through my "posts!"

But I am once again away from home. I will say, because I know you might want to know but also know that The Bad Guys want to know, that I am in a Northern state. And that there's a parking lot nearby and what sounds like a tavern or bar-and-grill. More than that I can't and won't divulge, but I'm here. I will be in sporadic touch over the next few days, Citizen-Patriots, and I apologize for that. Things are really happening fast in my life. One day you're improvising a panic room and painting yourself to look like the wallpaper in that panic room and the next day you're getting married. In this case I mean I'm getting married! And while no groom plans to OD on acetaminophen a week before his wedding day and then show up in wedding photographs with visible evidence of follicular avidity (it's a serious condition, look it up) and carpal vealing, these are strange times.

I know there's not a lot of news in here -- like I said, these are busy times for me. But I did have the time to read up on the death of Senator Edward Ted Kennedy. Apparently ObamaCare is now going to be known as The Ted Kennedy ObamaCare National Health Socialization and Death Panel Entrenchment Decree or something. Which, you know, I guess I'm sorry Kennedy died, but really! And anyway, some comments I made about how Ted Kennedy murdered a lady and was also a limousine liberal jerk got taken out of the Wall Street Journal's comments section, too.

Luckily, some Citizen-Commenter Patriots are still bringing the truth to light. Check out Jack Johnson -- not the pop singer! -- with this piquant comment. I know everyone says it's not fair to use comments as a way to prove points because commenters are weirdos, but first of all look at that picture on the Jack Johnson thing and tell me you're not seeing a Patriot. And also it inspired me to use a Google Search and find out more about Senator Kennedy's oil holdings! According to some guy at Free Republic, the Kennedy family owns Kenoil, which is disguised on the Internet as a Singapore-incorporated energy company. Here's their management page -- notice who's missing!? Why isn't the MSM covering this story instead of harping on whatever the CIA investigation thing is supposed to be about?

Anyway, we know why. But here's my point: I know he's dead, but how is Ted Kennedy different than any other liberal? He says he supports health care, but really his family might conceivably be involved in the oil business! He says he cares about people and wants to improve their lives, but he works for the government! Doy-oy-oy-oy sound effect goes here! This is why liberals never win arguments -- they're unable to argue from facts.

Anyway, wish me luck getting married! Butterflies! "Love is forever" -- President Ronald Reagan. Be safe out there!

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