Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting Out of Town, and Chuck Morris' Facts

Crazy days! I'm about to leave town for a little bit and hopefully get the DNC thugs off my trail a little bit. Turns out that revealing that I have a window in my place -- I hope it didn't sound like bragging! -- was a little bit "too much information." Enemies list, here I come! Anyway, it's nice to feel important, I guess.

But I did want to link to one thing before I left, and that's this terrific article by Chuck Morris, the actor and Texas Ranger. In it, Mr. Morris exposes one of the "Big Lies" of Obamacare -- the true purpose of the child health and prenatal care provisions in the "Obamacare" program. Here's a quote:

Government's real motives and rationale are quite simple, though rarely, if ever, stated. If one wants to control the future ebbs and flows of a country, one must have command over future generations. That is done by seizing parental and educational power, legislating preferred educational methods and materials, and limiting private educational options. It is so simple that any socialist can understand it. As Josef Stalin once stated, "Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed."

As many of you know, Chuck Morris has been an advocate for freedom and children for a long time. But as many of you didn't know, it turns out Mr. Morris is just as good a writer as he is an actor. It's like his movie "The Hero and The Terror," except that this time The Terror is this terror-able indoctrinating health "care" plan. But The Hero is still played by Chuck Morris!

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  1. Chuck Morris? Norris? Who cares about such details! Chuck Morris is awesome, and so are you! Way to stick it to the Man!